7 Ways to End Creative Block

7 Ways to End Creative Block

As a creative, what can you do when you hit that wall of creativity block? Well I’ve got 7 tips for you that will hopefully help you hurdle over that wall and get those creative juices flowing again!

1. Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Listening to music seems to help for most people. This may seem like an obvious choice for some but not so much for others. Simply pick your favorite artist, or preferably something that has a good rhythm and few lyrics, as lyrics tend to distract your mind, and watch the flow begin.

2. Go for a Walk

Go For a Walk

Going for a walk has many benefits. Aside from getting fresh air, you’re putting yourself in a position to absorb all kinds of external forces of influence including billboards, gig posters, architecture, natural sounds, people, behaviors, all stuff that you can draw inspiration from if you’re looking properly.

3. Cook a Meal or Take a Shower

Cook a Meal or Take a Shower

For me personally I find that either cooking a meal or taking a shower usually follows with some good ideas brewing in my mind. There’s something about the mundane process of doing something you’re so familiar with that allows you to get into the perfect state of mind for generating ideas or solving problems you may have at hand.

4. Study Other People’s Work

Study Other Peoples Work

Sweep the internet for work that inspires you by people who are better than you. Behance is probably my personal favorite place to look for inspiration as the work on there is primarily done by professionals and you’ll always find something amazing in whatever field you’re looking for. Another alternative would be Vimeo if you prefer to look for video content.

5. Take On a New Creative Endeavor

New Endeavor

Sometimes the best thing you can do is put aside whatever project you’re currently working on, and take a little break OR start an entirely new project, one that’s totally different from the one you got stuck on. This will get your brain working in another way and allow you to get back to the other project with a fresh perspective when you’re ready to work on it again.

6. Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Maybe all you need is for somebody to give you an opinion on your work to either help you with a solution or maybe give you a little more enthusiasm about what you’re working on. Either way you’re going to want to make sure you seek feedback from someone who’s opinion you value.

7. Take a Nap

Take a Nap

If you’ve got the time, or if it happens to be late at night, just lay down and rest your little head. You’ll wake up with a fresh perspective, clear thoughts, and who knows maybe a solution will come to you while you’re sleeping. This is one of the most tried and true ways to end creative block so try it out.

There you have it, what do you think? Do you agree with the list? Do you disagree? Do you have any other suggestions for people as to how they can get over creative block? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!